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Our mission is to link the United States of America with the rest of the world by providing excellent translation, interpreting, Internet and multimedia location services to domestic and international clients

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By localizing your applications, you are simply making them local to a certain region or area. This involves word translation as well as other technical items that need to be communicated to the users of the applications

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Multichoice Translation will translate your audio or video files as well as enhancing them with voice-overs or subtitles to provide you with the best product for your intended market

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Travel Services

Because of our incredibly knowledgeable linguistic experts and bilingual marketing professionals, Multichoice Translation is ready and able to assist businesses such as resorts, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and others in the hospitality industry in generating more revenue. Multichoice successfully helps clients achieve results through a simple philosophy: Make the clients’ experience with the business stand out positively over others with similar services.

Products and Retail

Translators and interpreters at Multichoice have in-depth understanding of economics across countries. We know it is not just about translating information and prices about the product, but also about the cultures this product spans. When our translators assist in the sale of your product, rest assured they are equipped with knowledge of the languages and cultures of the parties involved, marketing techniques and the legal concepts and guidelines tied to your unique product.


Multichoice Translation is registered with the GSA and can uphold contracts to provide our translation and interpretation services in a legal setting. The Judiciary interpreters at Multichoice Translation are able to read court documents written in one language and recite them aloud in another through a process known as sight translation. A vast understanding of the languages and key concepts enable our interpreters to relay the message precisely. Multichoice is capable of also interpreting during court proceedings, assisting with things like meetings between attorneys and their clients, court depositions, hearings and trials in Federal, State and Local court systems. Transcripts and court reporting are also areas of specialty for Multichoice Translation. Everything translated and interpreted by Multichoice is guaranteed to abide by the guidelines and laws pertinent to that document or process.


The healthcare field is utilized in the daily lives of people and businesses across the globe, making the translation of all things medical a necessity. Inaccurate translation or a lack of translation can easily lead to legal and personal problems for many. Multichoice Translation specializes in the translation of the following to ensure excellent medical care for people of all languages.


Any client who selects Multichoice Translation for an event such as a meeting or conference involving parties of different languages will be treated with respect and friendliness in addition to a high level of professionalism. Simultaneous Interpreting involves an experienced and educated interpreter as a go-between, so to speak, interpreting the words and subject matter between the two parties. The interpreter observes and listens from a sound-proof structure through earphones and transmits information and messages through a microphone. This technology is very advanced and the interpreter is highly qualified so that communication flows productively in order for your meeting to be efficient.

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  • "We were planning a conference and we knew that at least half of the attendees would be foreign and speak different languages. We contacted Multichoice Translation and they provided multiple translators for the event. They were able to translate for all the languages being spoken at the event and had the best equipment. If you're considering a translator for your event, pick Multichoice Translation."

    Kevin Roberts

  • "My husband and I got married in the United States but planned to move overseas. We needed our marriage license and other important documents translated and certified. Multichoice Translation provided us with a Apostille Certification for all of our documents and they were accepted at our destination with no issues. Thanks Multichoice!"

    Janelle Cooper

  • "I needed to have some documents translated so that I could extend my visa for another two years and complete graduate school. I asked Multichoice Translation if they could translate these documents for me and in a manner that they would be accepted upon first submission to the authorities. They assured me that the documents would be professional and accurate, and they were right because I had no problem renewing my visa. I am now working towards my Master's degree thanks to Multichoice Translation!"

    Yana Rodriges

  • "My mother moved here to the United States a few years ago. She needed to have surgery but the hospital and insurance company could not schedule the procedure until her birth certificate and medical records from her home country were translated. I sent the documents to Multichoice Translation to be translated and received them back very quickly. The hospital was able to use these documents to schedule the surgery and everything worked out well without delay. I really appreciate Multichoice Translation and my mother does too!"

    Richie Pollack

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