Company Profile

Multichoice Translation is headquartered in Atlanta with an experienced staff that has ventured all over the world. We know that successful companies have to be able to present themselves in a professional image while also being able to communicate effectively with  their clients and the masses. Our knowledge of linguistics is unbounded, and we can help your business do everything from read and interpret real estate contracts to draw up proposals and documentation for your new products or services.
Some professionals have great skills but they are limited when they travel internationally or need to get their message to an audience overseas. Therefore, your potential is limited until you can break down the language barrier. We provide this hammer in the form of our translation and interpreting services. People around the world want what you have to offer – you just have to be able to tell them what you have to make their lives easier. Multichoice Translation uses highly qualified linguists to provide great translation services. Our database of freelance translators exceeds 2,000, and each one has been hand selected as experts in their craft. We have developed the relationships with these translators in order to provide the best service to our clients. Most of our translators are members of associations within the U.S. as well as international organizations.


At Multichoice Translation, we work hard to deliver every project on time while maintaining a high level of quality. We use translators that are highly trained in the material that they translate who also possess a high level of linguistic proficiency.

Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting

Multichoice Translation provides consecutive interpreters for conferences, seminars, court
hearings, and any type of meeting or gathering where an interpreter is needed.  We also have simultaneous interpreters that excel in their languages as well as their specializations so they can use their deep knowledge and experience to provide high level interpreting to meet your needs.