Multichoice Translation is staffed with expert individuals who take great care and have immense knowledge on the subjects of their fields. This is how we have become able to translate government-related documents and spoken word for businesses, Federal agencies, and Prime Contractors. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of laws across countries and in many sub-fields. We are registered with the GSA (General Services Administration) and capable of translating technical documents and legal contracts.

Multichoice translators have backgrounds in various fields, making each of their services of the highest quality. Our engineering translators are experts in mechanical engineering (i.e. aviation and aerospace, engines, automotive equipment and industrial equipment). Those in this area of expertise provide translation services to both Federal agencies as well as businesses in the private sector.

The Judiciary interpreters who represent Multichoice Translation provide services in courtroom trials, attorney-client meetings, and arraignments and dispositions. They utilize something known as sight translation, which essentially involves reading a legal document aloud in a language other than that in which the document is written. The in-depth comprehension and use of legal terms allows judiciary interpreters of Multichoice to be highly successful at breaking language barriers in legal settings.

Our medical specialists are able to help patients communicate with doctors and medical staff in addition to translating healthcare-related documents and drug facts.  Conference interpreters representing Multichoice have the knowledge and equipment to provide accurate communication between parties. Our elite clients will be alongside the best escorts and tour guides, while enjoying the peace of mind every client of Multichoice will, knowing our staff, advanced in each of their field(s) of expertise, is taking care of their needs.