Foreign Adoption

Adopting a precious child from another country is undoubtedly a blessing as well as a big responsibility. Multichoice Translation knows this process can be a headache but it exists to ensure the safety and proper placement of children who need loving families. We are here to help you get through the processes and paperwork so you can get back to your family life with your new child. We will assist in having the following items translated to English in an effort to make your life easier:

• The Final Adoption Decree
• The Birth Certificate of the child
• Reports from medical exams
• The renunciation of the rights of birth parents (where applicable)

We can also help with the translation of necessary items for the adoption of a child born in the United States who is being adopted to another country:  

• Birth Certificates and other documents belonging to birth parents
• Medical exam reports
• Reference letters
• Police reports
• Documents proving income
• Pre-approval letters from INS
• Other documents required by the court

Our certified translators will ensure that the translation of each document meets the strict guidelines required and will be supported in the adoption case through the pertaining country’s courts. If anything unforeseen comes up during the adoption process, we guarantee we will do everything possible to have the necessary documentation complete, accurately translated and mailed to the appropriate party promptly. You are on a mission to provide a better life for a child, and we at Multichoice Translation are on your side.

Immigration Documents

Obtaining citizenship can be a tricky process. Multichoice Translation has translators on board to prepare the documents you need accurately and promptly. The same goes for the processes of obtaining a Visa or green card, extending a Visa and establishing residency. We’ll provide translations of:

• Birth Certificates
• Adoption Decrees
• Passports
• Certificates of Marriage
• Proof of Income
• Reference Letters
• School Transcripts and Diplomas

Any documents required by the Court can be translated or interpreted by Multichoice. We guarantee a great rate, a quick turnaround, and accurate documents that will be accepted.