Power is both a gift and a necessity. When it comes to energy, Multichoice is here to help you bridge any linguistic gaps you may need to overcome in order to move forward in this industry. Energy equipment, tools and utilities, renewable sources, wind, solar and water power, minerals, oil and gasoline are just a few broad topics you may need to address to people of another country and culture. Our translators available to assist you are experts in the field of all things energy related, and we can also help you with the following documents:

• Health, Safety and Environment Reports
• Engineering Reports
• Calls for Tender
• Training Programs
• Manuals, Brochures and Articles
• Media Releases
• Studies

Energy fuels more than homes; it is an industry fueling advancement in technology, employment and much more all around the world. When it comes to communication across languages for energy-related needs, placing your trust in Multichoice Translation is the right choice.