As if our “standard” level of care is not exceptional already, we know that celebrities and elite clients require top notch services and expert attention. These highly valued clients will receive top-of-the-line services such as escorting and their choice of the method of interpretation during important business meetings and conferences.

Simultaneous Interpreting involves an experienced and educated interpreter to translate words and subject matter between the two parties. The interpreter observes and listens from a soundproof structure through earphones, and transmits information and messages through a microphone. This technology is very advanced and the interpreter is highly qualified so that communication flows productively in order for your meeting to be efficient.

Consecutive Interpretation involves note-taking and the relaying of the message. This written form of interpretation is just as efficient as the verbal form.

Whispered Interpretation is precisely what its name indicates. The Interpreter relays the message in a quiet, non-invasive but effective manner. No matter which form of interpretation you choose, we will see to it that your needs are taken care of and even exceeded.

For these VIP clients, our translators and interpreters will be their best-dressed and with an in-depth understanding of how much you mean to us. We have interpreters and translators ready to assist with important meetings, presentations and our escort service is always available to the elite clientele who want some leisurely time. Service providers whom the elite clients of Multichoice encounter will astound them with their respectable and professional manner, vast knowledge and skill in the field in which they assist the client and, as always, the honor with which the elite client is greeted and treated throughout this experience.