Cross Cultural

The way of the world has historically been and still depends on bartering and trade. Trading overseas is a booming industry and essential to countless economies globally. Encountering cultural differences is inevitable, but gaps in language and communication often cause issues in the global trade market. Multichoice Translation is determined to create solutions to promote worldwide trade. We are already providing many accessible solutions to these barriers, a few of which include:

• Multilingual consumer product evaluations
• Telephone Interpretations that span over a hundred languages
• Translation, proofreading and desktop publishing of International Language Documents as well as Management for projects
• In-depth reviewing, revision and certification of translated documents
• Voice-overs, narration, dubbing and translation of subtitles for media works
• Orientations in the United States and foreign countries
• Preparation for executive relocation and re-entry
• Cross-Cultural executive training
• Executive language training
• Consultation services Internationally