Method of Interpreting

When you choose Multichoice Translation, you rely on us for your translating and interpreting needs. We treat this gesture responsibly. Therefore, you will be offered different options as to the method of interpretation you may require.

Simultaneous Interpreting involves an experienced and educated interpreter to translate words and subject matter between the two parties. The interpreter observes and listens from a soundproof structure through earphones, and transmits information and messages through a microphone. This technology is very advanced and the interpreter is highly qualified so that communication flows productively in order for your meeting to be efficient.

Consecutive Interpretation involves note-taking and the relaying of the message. This written form of interpretation is just as efficient as the verbal form. No matter which form of interpretation you choose, we will see to it that your needs are taken care of and even exceeded.

Any documents relating to the subject matter of your meeting will also be translated for parties involved. In addition, you can be assured that the interpreter(s) working with you are experts in the field to which your business matters relate. The information exchanged in your meeting is not merely about words across languages, but communication across cultures.