Any client who selects Multichoice Translation for an event such as a meeting or conference involving parties of different languages will be treated with respect and friendliness in addition to a high level of professionalism. Elite clients such as Diplomats or celebrities may be provided with additional services (See “Elite Clients” for more information). The client may choose the method of interpretation that they prefer for their event.
Simultaneous Interpreting involves an experienced and educated interpreter as a go-between, so to speak, interpreting the words and subject matter between the two parties. The interpreter observes and listens from a sound-proof structure through earphones and transmits information and messages through a microphone. This technology is very advanced and the interpreter is highly qualified so that communication flows productively in order for your meeting to be efficient.

Telephonic Interpretation can be done over a phone line and is ideal for conference calls, in which no party has to leave the comfort of the local office.

Consecutive Interpretation involves note-taking and the relaying of the message. This written form of interpretation will be just as efficient, if you decide to request this service. Either way, Multichoice will ensure that your needs are taken care of and even exceeded. Feel free to inquire about Whispered Interpretation for a less invasive yet effective form of bridging communication at your event.